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FordPass Rewards™

New Ford Loyalty Program
Soon, the new FordPass Rewards™ program will be replacing the Ford Owners Advantage Rewards system.If you choose to become a member of this new loyalty program within a year of launch, the active service rewards you have earned in Owner Advantage Rewards will be transitioned to the new program, subject to certain restrictions. In the upgraded loyalty program you can continue earning points in a variety of different ways, such as getting your vehicle serviced or purchasing parts.

Until Owner Advantage Rewards ends in approximately June of this year, you can continue to earn and redeem your Owner Advantage Rewards, including oil change credits. We'll provide you with further communications about both the conclusion of the OAR Program and the launch of the new Ford of Canada loyalty program.

Owner Advantage Rewards

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Membership benefits:*

• $10 enrollment bonus
• 5% credit toward future service visits
• Oil change rewards
• All vehicles in your household rewarded
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Ask an advisor for rewards.

Every time you bring your Ford (or any vehicle in your household) in for service at your designated Ford dealer, you’ll get a 5% credit toward your future visits.* Just ask a Service Advisor about Owner Advantage Rewards.
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Already a member?

As an Owner Advantage Rewards member, it’s easy to see the rewards you have earned. Just click here. And, thanks for being a member.
*Some conditions, restrictions and exclusions may apply. See your Ford dealer for full program details.

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